Covering Flaws Like Pro

Every car fanatic is the one who is enthusiastic and always wants the car in the best shape and excellent working capacity. Mostly, car manic is not only listed over sleek designs but he is really after the best towing capacity. The maintenance of the car has equally important. Take a pause and think for a moment, what if you meet an accident, a minor but your car got scratches. Automobiles need maintenance too. But what if there is an unfavourable condition, and you are looking for the solution. In such cases, Bowra Panel & Paint helps you so much. We welcome you on board with panel competitive services and quality improved accidental repairs in the northern suburbs of Perth. With an amassed broader experience, plus offering a wider assortment of services for car and vehicle dealers, and insurance companies. With the prime focus of building a positive relationship with the customer, our stress is on the work and it’s on time, top quality completion. From the first hello to date, you will feel truly welcomed by our most professional team. Just get in touch and talk to us today.

Towing Services

God forbid if you meet an accident and worrying about bringing your car at a repair place. Just get in touch with us and we offer the best and prime services.  The team of experts with superlative services will bring the car on the spot so it’s repaired could be completed.

Get in Contact

We have no bogus details. Come to us with your insurer and we will be pleased to give him a complete detail and quote about your estimation. Assuring you of the top-quality services, we offer competitive prices.

Other Amenities

Dealing with a range of matters includes alignment of chassis, panel repairing, paint services, towing,  and covering the damps as well.

Cover the Flaws

If your car gets a dent and it looks awful to the sleek and tailored design of your car. You can’t change the car because it’s your love and you are listed over it. Are you trying to find ways to fix it? Then you are at the right stop we offer the paint services. Once chassis is repaired, then the next step is to cover the flaw by painting. Irrespective of the fact of how beautiful your vehicle is, it’s the duty of paint master to gives final strokes to the overall picture to make it look aesthetic. The highly experienced skilled staff here mixes the colour with computerised mixing system, and the baked animal is used for giving a final overall best finish.

Undertaking the Responsibility

When you come to see us, our first focus is to make you feel comfortable and stress-free by offering and ensuring the best services. We offer a range of these and after giving you the best services it’s made sure that we develop the chief relationship with our customers. Their feedback is the key to our excellence.